A special book just for Caesarean section mums and their children

About the author

Megan Bowen lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband, young daughter and their very deaf King Charles Cavalier.

The idea for Mummy’s Tummy Smile came about when Megan gave birth to her daughter via c-section, and quickly found that there were no books that could explain to her curious toddler just how she had come to be. This then became a story that Megan wanted to share with fellow c-section mums and their children to explain the link between our little ones and our beautiful tummy smiles.

About the illustrator

Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis lives in the United Kingdom with her lovely husband and brave, adventurous baby girl. Jelena was born in Old Yugoslavia and grew up in Germany but tends to move where the winds of life take her. 

Jelena has a PHD in Physics and worked as an Academic Researcher which fulfilled her love of patterns, puzzles, logic and maths but did not allow her to explore her creativity and love of drawing. After daring to take a leap of faith, Jelena now works as an illustrator and has never looked back.

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About the book

"From the moment you were born my tummy started smiling just for you."

Mummy's Tummy Smile is a beautiful celebration of parenthood and the unique bond that exists between Caesarean section mums and their children. 

With beautiful illustrations on every page, this is truly a heartwarming story that explains the link between how c-section babies came to be in this world and the unwavering smiles that bless their mummy's tummies.

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